Creative Kids Art Club

After School Art Classes

Terms and Conditions

By enrolling your child (“Attendee”) in a class at Creative Kids Art Club (“Club”) you, the legal parent or guardian of the Attendee (“you” or “your”), agree to the following terms and conditions:

Payment and Refunds

Payment is required to secure a place in the chosen course. Payment can be made online through our online booking and payment system. A refund is only available if the enrolment is cancelled within 10 days notice prior to the class commencing. If a course is cancelled due to insufficient numbers, Attendees are notified and offered the choice of a refund or enrolment in an alternative course.

Behaviour and Attendance

The Club reserves the right to immediately and without notice terminate the enrolment if the Attendee is, in the view of the Club, disruptive or may harm themselves or others.

Attendees are required to be dropped off and collected from the classroom door. As soon as the Attendee has left the classroom no responsibility is taken for the Attendee. It is your responsibility to ensure the Attendee arrives and leaves the class safely. Please be punctual. If you are running late please text or phone Jane on 0408 194441 at the finishing time of your child's class. If a class or classes are missed, Attendees are not entitled to a discount or 'make-up' class. However, an alternative time or location may be offered at the sole discretion of the Club.


If emergency services (such as an ambulance) are called by the Club or other person, for any reason, then you are responsible for all costs and indemnify and hold us harmless.

The Attendee must be appropriately attired and the Club is not responsible for any damage or marking on the Attendee’s clothes. Shoes must be worn to attend class, thongs or bare feet are not acceptable.

It is a requirement that you notify the Club if the Attendee has any medical or special needs at the time of enrolment. This includes specific learning or behavioural conditions or any existing medical conditions, allergies or disabilities whether they affect class participation or not.

Privacy and Photography

You authorise the Club to send you emails for any purpose including enrolments and marketing. You are able to unsubscribe from such emails at any time. We will respect and protect the confidentiality of any confidential information that we obtain from you.  Such confidential information will not be disclosed to other Parties except as required or allowed for by law or with your express permission. Information we collect from you is managed in adherence to the Australian Privacy Principles.  Information we hold is used solely for the purpose of enrolling your child in our classes.


Our booking service is provided by bookitlive®. bookitlive® is currently providing services for government, medical, corporate entities and the business world in general, the issue of data security and privacy is very important and bookitlive® have implemented a combination of high-level security measures to protect your data. In addition to usual safeguards bookitlive® uses 128/256-bit SSL encryption technology.

When you use the software you are protected at all times by 128/256 bit SSL encryption which is normally only used when it comes to processing credit cards online. You will see the padlock security icon or https:// in the address bar appear in your browser window on all booking pages within the bookitlive® software. All credit card transactions are protected by the same 128/256-bit SSL encryption and are processed through an international standard payment gateway, ensuring maximum data protection. SSL is an acronym for "Secure Socket Layer", a security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. The protocol allows us to securely communicate in a way that is designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or communications forgery.

All user information is restricted in bookitlive’s offices. Only bookitlive officers, employees and authorised agents who need the information to perform a specific job such as support activities are granted access to personally identifiable information. All staff have signed Confidentiality Agreements. bookitlive® servers storing personally identifiable information are kept in a secured data centre environment. bookitlive® application web and database servers are housed in a Sydney, Australia data centre and managed by US company bookitlive® servers are automatically backed up daily. The service provider portal provides additional capabilities to backup your own data by exporting booking and client data to your PC. bookitlive® uses a Tier 3 security controlled data centre which provides redundant capacity components, dual-powered equipment and multiple uplinks with a guarantee service uptime of 99.982%.


The Club takes photographs and video of the Attendees and their artworks. These photographs and videos are used for promotional purposes such as advertising, brochures, editorials, on our Facebook page and on our website. You authorise the Club to take and use these photographs or videos for any purpose. You are able to withdraw your consent at any time in writing.

Online Purchases

If a purchase is made via the Creative Kids Art Club website using your credit card without your knowledge (ie if your card had been stolen), a refund will be issued provided proof of theft and/or inappropriate use be obtained from the relevant credit card provider and/or insurance company. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. Creative Kids Art Club uses the third party payment gateway provider SecurePay for processing of all our credit card payments online. All of SecurePay’s products are PCI-compliant and comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. SecurePay has a level 1 Service Provider PCI DSS Compliance. SecurePay is regularly and externally audited by Vectra Corporation, and as a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia Post, SecurePay’s financial and internal control systems are also externally audited by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO). All SecurePay staff undergo screening and extensive background checks. Creative Kids Art Club will not pass or sell your personal information to any third party.

Page updated 25 May 2017