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Holiday Programs

Christmas and January School Holiday Programs now available

Our Christmas holiday program will run on Saturday 15 and Monday 17 December, 2018. Download the full program (pdf).

Holiday Workshops - Creative Kids (7+ yrs) $59ea

Painted Wooden Spoons and Christmas Tea Towel
Create some gorgeous gifts for the cook in your family. Design and paint a Christmas tea towel with fabric paints and decorate a set of wooden spoons that can be used for baking. Children will be provided with reference material to create some gorgeous Christmas designs. Available Kingsley: Sat 15 Dec, 10.30 to 12.30pm
Christmas teatowel

Christmas Hairclips and Headband

Get your Christmas bling sorted with a stunning Christmas hairclip set and headband. These make gorgeous festive gifts or make some Christmas fridge magnets to store all those lists for Santa on the fridge. For early finishers - make some Christmas gift tags to label these lovely gifts. This workshop is available in Nedlands: Sat 15 Dec 10.30 to 12.30pm, Kingsley: Mon 17 Dec 10.30 to 12.30pm and East Victoria Park: Sat 15 Dec 10.30 to 12.30pm.

Christmas HairclipsChristmas Headband

Ink Pendants and Glass Bead Magnets
Using vibrant coloured inks we will experiment with specialised paper to create some stunning designs. We will use our ink works to create beautiful pendants with colourful leather or a silver chain to wear. A fun, hands on experimental workshop making beautiful jewellery to keep or gift. Available: East Victoria Park, Nedlands or Kingsley: Mon 17 Dec 9.30 -10.30am.

Ink Pendant Ink Washer Pendant Glass bead magnets

Wooden Christmas Ornaments (age 5 and over)
Paint and decorate these gorgeous wooden Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree or give as gifts to friends. We will use acrylic paints, glitter glue, sequins and gemstone stars for the top of the tree. Join us to make these simply stunning decorations. For early finishers - make some Christmas cards as well. Available: Nedlands or East Victoria Park on Mon 17 Dec, 10.30 to 12.30pm.

Wooden Christmas Ornaments Christmas Star

Christmas Star- Little Kids (4 to 6 years) $29ea
Begin with a wonderful Christmas story and then paint and decorate a large three dimensional Christmas Star to put on top of the tree or hang as a decoration. Available: East Victoria Park, Nedlands, or Kingsley on Sat 15 Dec, 9.30 to 10.30am.

January School Holiday Program

Our January School Holiday Program will run from Monday 14 to Thursday 24 of January, 2019. Download the full program (pdf).
We are going wild these holidays! Come join us for fun art workshops – collage turtles, draw pandas, paint zebras and jungle birds in a splash with colour. 


Vivid Zebras in Watercolour - Creative Kids (6 to 12yrs) $59ea
Create a stunning watercolour of a rainbow coloured zebra on A3 paper. We will begin by drawing an outline and children will be taught drawing and painting techniques to create this work. Available Kingsley: Mon 14 Jan 2 to 4pm, Nedlands: Wed 16 Jan 10.30 to 12.30pm, East Vic Park: Wed 23 Jan 2 to 4pm­

Jungle Birds

Jungle Bird Painting - Creative Kids (6 to 12yrs) $59ea
We are off to the wilds of the Amazon for these colourful jungle birds. We will look at Macaws and Toucans and draw a vibrant work on A3 paper. Children will be shown drawing and watercolour painting techniques to create their own, individual, work of art.  Available East Vic Park: Tues 15 Jan 10.30 to 12.30pm, Nedlands: Tues 22 Jan 2 to 4pm, Kingsley: Thurs 24 Jan 10.30 to 12.30pm

See our Little Kids Holiday class in action! (30secs)

Turtle Collage

Turtle Collage – Little kids (4 to 6yrs) $29ea
Work with beautiful coloured tissue papers to create a stunning turtle shell. Then we’ll get creative – drawing the turtle’s feet and head. All the elements will then be collaged to finish a fun work. Available Nedlands: Wed 16 Jan 9.30 to 10.30am, East Vic Park: Wed 23 Jan 1 to 2pm, Kingsley:  Thurs 24 Jan 9.30 to 10.30am

Panda Drawing

Panda Drawing – Little Kids (4 to 6yrs) $29ea
Listen to a story about animals and then draw a gorgeous panda picture using oil pastels. Kids will learn how to draw major shapes and add foliage details for a 3 dimensional look. Lots of fun! Available Kingsley:  Mon 14 Jan 1 to 2pm, East Vic Park: Tues 15 Jan 9.30 to 10.30am, Nedlands: Tues 22 Jan 1 to 2pm

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All materials are provided for our 2 hour Creative Kids workshops and 1hr Little Kids classes. We have 3 locations in Perth with holiday classes for children from 4 to 12 years of age. Art aprons are provided. Each class is taken by a fully qualified and experienced primary school art teacher with a maximum of twelve students.

Birds on a wire

Age Range
The age ranges for classes varies depending on the complexity of the subject matter and the degree of difficulty. Please only enrol your child if they are within the specified age range. Fine motor skills, manual dexterity and concept development have all been taken into account when determining the age range for each workshop. We want your child to have fun and to be able to succeed with their art endeavours! Where there is an overlap of ages between different programs please feel free to choose the classes that best suit your child's interests.